Things to do in Bogota on a Rainy Day

As we get into the wet season (you see, Colombia doesn’t have seasons where temperature varies but rather wet and dry seasons where the amount of rainfall varies), rain has become part of everyday life. Cursed be the day you forget your umbrella or you wear ballet flats because you will be soaked to the bone.

So in honor of the months of rain we will live, here are some of the best things to do in Bogota on a rainy day:

1. Drink hot chocolate or agua de panela with cheese



People are always shocked to learn that Colombians take blocks of cheese and drop it in their hot drinks to melt and eat them. Honestly, I think it’s genius and its deliciousness will comfort you as your bones hurt from the cold and rain. Also remember that “chocolate sin queso es como amor sin beso” (chocolate without cheese is like love without a kiss)

2. Get yourself into a ruana

that parrot knows what he's doing
that parrot knows what he’s doing


Ruanas are like blankets with a hole for you to put your head through. They will keep you warm and cozy and also make you look badass. On a rainy day, I enjoy stealing my uncle’s ruana and doing some of the other stuff I mention here.

3. Spend the day watching novelas and/or dubbed movies

the love of her life ended up being her brother?! WHY LIFE, WHYYY!?!?!
the love of her life ended up being her brother?! WHY LIFE, WHYYY!?!?!

We all know that your level of self-respect is negatively correlated to how cold and rainy a day is, so no one will judge if you submit your brain to watching telenovelas and the awfulness of the sound of dubbed movies. Hey, sometimes things so bad are pretty funny.

4. Go to museums

There really is a lot to see!
There really is a lot to see!


If you still wanna feel productive, go to a museum! El museo del oro, el museo nacional, etc etc, get yourself some knowledge to make up for all that telenovela binging you’ve been doing to survive the wet season.

5. Go to the movies

seriously though
seriously though…

There’s nothing better than watching a good movie and knowing that you don’t have to be outside for a while. Let the coziness of the movie theater and a good story help you forget about how wet your socks will be once you step outside.

6. Read a good book


Perfect alternative to the museums and movie theaters if you want to do something productive but definitely don’t want to step outside. Open the curtains, pour yourself some wine (or a canelazo), and enjoy the wonders the literary world offers.

7. Fantasize about warmer cities

Someday I'll be back to warm weather and hammocks
Someday I’ll be back to warm weather and hammocks

Sit by your window and think about all the cities, just one or two hours away, where they know not what a cold day is. One day, perhaps soon, you will also be there.

If you’re one of those people that loves the cold then we speak different languages. Also, it’s really not so bad, I’m just freezing at the moment, but I have spent the perfect Sunday seeing the miserable rain outside of my window while sipping hot drinks in my pajamas.

What are your survival strategies for cold, rainy days?


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