What’s the Deal with You Going to Ireland AGAIN – A Q&A Session with My Grandma

Before my departure for Ireland, my grandmother slipped me a piece of yellow legal pad paper with the following inquiries (shown here in bold), and asked for a written response. In her neat, deliberate hand, she wanted to know why the heck I would drag myself back across the Atlantic Ocean to go to Ireland.  But of course, she asked in her sweet, Southern, grandmotherly way.


Dear Hamilton,

I am inquisitive.  Please tell me:

1.  Why you chose to go to Ireland the first time.

Well, my dearest Grandmama, as you know, the whole thing began at the end of my thesis process, when I was completely out of sorts. One afternoon, during a particularly productive procrastination session (I know this comes as a shock), I was scanning Groupon and found a pretty awesome package deal to Ireland. It included the hotels, roundtrip flights, and a rental car for less than what it usually costs to buy a plane ticket to Europe. Needless to say, it was the kind of deal that was too good to pass up.  All of these deals require at least two people to actually work. So I called the best person that I could think of to go on the trip with into my lair (my dorm room). Through crafty manipulation (actually just her taking my pitiful state into consideration) and my endless saleswoman abilities (in reality, her mother had already told her all about it), I convinced my friend to come along.  We secured the funds, clicked the purchase button at the same time, and off we went! So the short answer: a Groupon deal drove me to go on my first Irish adventure.

2.  Why you’re going the second going the second time.

Look at all of the cool pictures I already have! What do you mean?





Okay, seriously though, I’m taking a teaching English as a foreign language course through a well-respected, legitimate certification program in Dublin. A reaction I’ve been getting to that is, “You do realize that they speak English in Ireland already, don’t you?”  Why yes, yes I do! But I wanted to take a course out of the country. I wanted my first solo international adventure to be somewhere that I’ve been before (which only leaves Ireland).  And I have to admit that certain parts of the culture and landscape grew on me during my last trip. Hence my return! Well, that and this particular certification program is actually cheaper in Ireland than it is in the USA. Wait, I’m sensing a trend…  College loans have made me this way.

3.  What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to become a world traveler, and also to gain some meaningful travel experiences that I can put down on a graduate school application.  This certification program would allow me to teach in many countries all around the globe.  Yes, I am going back to school. (I know what you REALLY mean.)  I just need a wee bit of a break. But I am a nerd at heart.  It can’t be denied.  Even in my lull period, I’ve still been geeking out.  Anthropology, I will return to you!

4.  Do you desire to live there one day?

I don’t know where I will ultimately end up.  That is the truth. I don’t think that I want to live in Ireland.  Due to strict visa laws, I doubt the EU would have me anyway, even though I would make a fantastic dual citizen. (EU, call me.)  For now, I’m just exploring the world when I can. Taking it one day a time.

See you when I get back!

XOXO Hamilton


5 thoughts on “What’s the Deal with You Going to Ireland AGAIN – A Q&A Session with My Grandma

  1. Don´t worry, you know we will end up living in France with a wine colored fainting chair, and then on a farm in Cambodia with all your adopted kids, and hopefully live in a vineyard somewhere. we got this boo ❤

    ps. I love your grandma!

    1. You just summed the dream up in a few sentences. Make it come faster. Start Googling! She’s a lovely lady with a gift for subtle wording that obviously didn’t pass down to moi.

  2. Taking a break before grad school is a fantastic idea (both for yourself and your application)! Just try not to get stuck in an ‘English Teacher rut’ (something I saw with a lot of expats living in China). It’s a great way to pay your path around the world, but can cease being challenging after a while.

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