Things I’m in Love With


Maybe it’s because the sun is out, maybe it’s because sometimes it’s good to just think of the good things, but right now I wanna make a list of all the little things in life that I am desperately in love with.

So in no particular order, I am here to confess that I love…

– Feeling the wind pass through my fingers

– Big, comfy sweaters

– People who make me laugh

– People watching while I’m on public transportation

– Reading in a hammock

– Looking out the window from a car/bus/train

– Feeling culture shock

– People you instantly connect to

– Food that tastes amazing

– Broadway musicals

– The summer

– Street musicians

– Home cooked meals

– Wine

– lying on the grass on sunny days

– Swings

– Tango

– Jazz music

– Vintage clothes

– Overhearing funny conversations

– Going to the movies

– Cuddling

– Watching movies with my siblings

– Swimming

– The sound of water

– Pink sunsets

– Wild dolphins

– Dancing

– Blue skies

– Flower fields

– Fireplaces

– Mountains

– Unexplainable fits of laughter

– Singing

– Napping in parks

– Unexpected trips

– Meeting new people

– Reading on rainy days

– Wool socks

– Children

– Watching the clouds from an airplane

– Personal conversations with strangers

– Eating ice-cream and watching sappy movies

– Museums

– White chocolate

– Cold rivers

– Big, old trees

– Blue and purple flowers

– Walking along the shore at the beach

– Traveling with my mom

– Being able to feel so much

And so many, many, many little things that sometimes make me wanna explode with joy…


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