Reflections Before I Return to Ireland

View of the park from afar

I’m going back to Ireland in less than a month. Before I do, I realized that I should reflect and write about my last trip there. My fellow Unexpected Wanderlust blogger, Lucia, has been on my case about writing a … Continue reading

Katsunuma Wine N’ Dine


Fermentation: The beautiful procedure by which dowdy little grapes covered in yeast and bacteria go into temperature-regulated containers and later emerge as the fairest of all of the alcoholic nectars – Wine. Admittedly, when I was living in the US, … Continue reading

Combatting “Petsickness” with Owl and Cat Cafés


I have a confession to make: I really, really miss my dog. For me, homesickness in general hasn`t kicked in quite yet – Though, I am sure that in the winter the floodgates will open. Living abroad alone, especially when you are … Continue reading

Two Faces of Bogota: From Hanging out in a Marginalized Neighborhood to Mingling with the City’s Creme de la Creme


This week I was able to experience two extreme realities of Bogota: That of the poorest neighborhoods, and that of the wealthiest. Both realities, I admit, were alien to me, and I ended up in them sort of by chance. … Continue reading

The Real Inaka of Yamanashi County


Okay, okay… I admit that the “Real Housewives” title riff has been swimming around my mind for quite some time. Yamanashi is the Japanese prefecture that I have been living in for one month and a half. Yamanashi has a … Continue reading

The Epic of the Transmilenio: What it’s like to ride the Transmilenio during Rush Hour


For those of you who don’t know, the Transmilenio is Bogota’s Rapid Transit System. It’s sort of like a tramway except with buses. This magical system has allowed people to get places faster in a city with the traffic jams … Continue reading