“Out there things can happen and frequently do:” Suess-ian Life Feels


I recently woke up with the rising sun (on a Saturday, no less!) and squished into a tiny car with a few companions for the three-hour-plus journey northward, through the slow grind of Tokyo traffic congestion in pursuit of… Kochia … Continue reading

Why you Shouldn’t Volunteer at Orphanages Abroad

You get a chance to not pay someone for the chance to traumatize a child, how generous!

“Let’s be real, these types of initiatives aren’t even really about helping the children. If anything, they’re commodifying and exploiting their suffering, because they know people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for the experience of ‘helping’ them.” Continue reading

Reflections Before I Return to Ireland

View of the park from afar

I’m going back to Ireland in less than a month. Before I do, I realized that I should reflect and write about my last trip there. My fellow Unexpected Wanderlust blogger, Lucia, has been on my case about writing a … Continue reading

Katsunuma Wine N’ Dine


Fermentation: The beautiful procedure by which dowdy little grapes covered in yeast and bacteria go into temperature-regulated containers and later emerge as the fairest of all of the alcoholic nectars – Wine. Admittedly, when I was living in the US, … Continue reading